The Best Office Chairs for your Back Health

Your employees are going to spend a lot of time sitting down – that’s just the nature of office work. When purchasing office chairs for them, their comfort and spine health should be taken into careful consideration. After all, when your employees are healthy and comfortable they are able to perform their jobs better. Here are some tips for selecting office chairs from our office supply in Portland.


Your office chair should allow you to place your feet flat on the floor, with your thighs parallel with your floor and your arms at desk height. This is the best position for long term sitting, so having a seat that is easily adjustable is necessary for optimum comfort. When you visit our office supply in Portland, test the height adjusters on the chairs to choose the best option.


The width of the seat should be about 17-20 inches wide so that any user can sit comfortably. They should also be able to sit comfortably with about 2-4 inches between the back of their knees and the edge of their seat. In order to support each employee, the angle of the seat should be adjustable as well.

Lumbar Support

Lower back support is the most important factor when it comes to selecting office chairs from our office supply in Portland. The lower back in curved inward, so the chair you select should be able to support this shape. A flat backrest promotes slouching, which can flatten this curve and make it uncomfortable to sit for long periods of time.


The backrest of your office chairs should be around 12-19 inches wide to accommodate almost any user. The angle of the backrest should be adjustable so that each employee can determine the best adjustment for their optimum back support.


Comfortable, padded material covered in breathable fabric is the best seat material for optimum comfort when sitting for long periods of time. A hard surface can be damaging to the spine and tailbone.

Keeping all of these things in mind, Office Furniture Direct can help you find the best chairs for your office space. Contact us today for more information.