Used Cubicles: The Better Choice for Your Business

Is your business is ready to change the office space a bit and is considering moving away from an open floor plan? There are many reasons that used cubicles are a smart choice versus sticking with an open office concept.

Gain More Privacy

While businesses often use an open floor plan to promote egalitarianism, better communication, and encourage a more collaborative setting, it does have drawbacks. Privacy is one of them. Cubicles give users the ability to have more privacy to concentrate on a task or speak on the phone without noise interference or interruptions.

More Storage Space

An open office concept usually means extra space as a last priority, while cubicles actually add more space for the desk user. There is usually more shelving or even an overhead cabinet installed that neatens up workspaces.

Though an advantage of an open office space is being able to abut many desks together, because lack of shelving is present, clutter on top of desks starts to accumulate and can become unwieldy. This is not always ideal if you have clients passing through frequently.

Used Cubicles Are Cheaper

If installing cubicles is a budgetary concern, buying used cubicles might relieve economic worry. And because you are buying used, your purchasing department might be able to buy some brand names, without having to pay top prices. Sometimes even mixing and matching styles that complement each other can ease budget as well.

Can Fit in Tighter Floor Plans

Dependent on your office space and the size of cubicles needed, these types of work areas can be stacked side by side or in groups of fours. When planning your office space, keep in mind how you want teams or departments split up.

Build Small Teams

Cubicles are a wonderful gateway to creating small teams on a floor plan or over several floors. By keeping team members together efficiency, communication and productivity goes up.

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