Cubicles, or Open Desks – What Works Best for Your Office?

office space – office furniture salem oregonWhen designing an office space, choosing the right furniture for your business is essential to the productivity of your employees. Deciding between open desks and cubicles can be difficult, but this handy guide can help.

What kind of office dynamic are you looking for?

  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – If your office is fueled by high energy teamwork, then an open office design may be right for you. An open plan will allow collaboration to occur much more efficiently than running from cubicle to cubicle to speak with teammates.
  • Individual Collaboration – If you want to encourage collaboration, but much of the work is individual, consider open desks with small dividers between employees. This way, it will be easy for employees to speak over the dividers or roll over to a coworker’s desk for a quick chat about an assignment.
  • Concentration is Key – If your employees perform individual work that requires concentration, cubicles are the way to go. Cubicles eliminate a large portion of distractions so your employees can work efficiently.

Will your employees be taking calls?

If you manage a call center, choosing a desk with more privacy like cubicles will help your employees focus on their customer. It will also help reduce noise from other phone conversations.

If phone calls are not a major part of the work schedule, you can choose from more open options to encourage collaboration between employees.

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