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Wholesale Office Furniture: Chairs

wholesale office furnitureEvery workplace is different and comes with a unique set of needs. Office Furniture Direct offers a range of wholesale office furniture that can meet all of your needs. Chairs are one of the most diverse and common type of office furniture and the following types are available in our showroom at prices that will not break your budget:

Computer Chairs

We have an almost endless selection of computer chairs in a number of sizes, styles, colors, and types so you are sure to find what you are looking for!

Stacking Chairs

Ensure everyone has a seat at those big corporate meetings or at the next corporate luncheon and when they are not being used these convenient chairs easily stack and store out of the way.

Reception Area Chairs

Make your guests feel welcomed and keep them comfortable in your lobby or waiting area with a selection of comfortable and affordable chairs.

Conference Chairs

Browse our diverse and ever-changing inventory and find the best office chair that will fit your needs and match your conference room’s decor.

Ergonomic Chairs

Keep your employees in good health and show them that you care about their well-being by updating your offices with some of our new ergonomic chairs — their backs will thank you!

Stand-Up Desk Chairs

Stand-up desks along with many other non-traditional approaches to office work spaces are gaining popularity around the nation and we are seeing more of these enter our showroom.

Executive Chairs

You are the executive and you need an impressive chair to match your impressive presence and attitude so get yours today for a fraction of what other places charge.

Armless Chair

If you are going for the contemporary look in your office, you will want to check out our section of new and used armless chairs.

Contact Office Furniture Direct for the updated detailed listing of our inventory and to get any questions you have about our wholesale office furniture answered today!

Organizing the Furniture in Your Office

 L-shaped office desksWhether you are just moving in to a new office space or you have been established in the same spot for years, there will come a time you need to reorganize and rearrange your furniture.

Sometimes the easiest way to make a workspace flow better or to breathe new life into the office is to move things around. Whether you are looking at moving file cabinets or L-shaped office desks, here are some tips to help you get things organized:

Use a Tape Measure

Make note of the height, length, and depth of all the different furniture pieces you will be moving around. Measure the area you are moving them into and make special note of where windows, doors, wall structures, electrical outlets, light fixtures, and other elements are. Then, check the dimensions of areas leading to and from the room including hallway corners and the doors.

Mix Various Sizes

One of the best tips for creating a new look to a room is to mix up the sizes of the furniture pieces in a room. To add visual interest there needs to be a variety of textures, looks, styles, and characteristics. For the office space this is not as necessary, but it can still be done by having one large L-shaped desk in the room and several smaller tables and chairs for additional work space set up.

Create Balance

There are two forms of balance: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical means the room is mirrored and equal in the number, size, and shape from one side of the room to the other. For example, matching vases on either side of the mantle.

Asymmetry is an imbalance in terms of size or number of items or furniture pieces but can still have a feeling of balance. For example one large art piece on the office wall on one side of the room and three smaller pieces hanging on the opposite wall.

These are just three simple ways to organize furniture in your home or office space. No matter what you have to work with you can implement these ideas into your layout and use anything from cubicles to L-shaped office desks to create something new and unique and piratical for your needs.

Used Conference Tables in Portland

used conference tablesIt is easier than you might think to create a work environment that is relaxing, functional, and adequate for the work that needs to be done. With help from Office Furniture Direct, you can get the office furniture you need, at a price you can afford, by buying used furniture for your Portland office.

A wide selection of office inventory is on hand waiting for you to explore and there are plenty of commercial office furnishings ranging from new and used cubicles, to L-shaped desks, to used conference tables and everything in between. No matter what space confines you may have to work with, you can find the perfect piece or pieces for your office space.

Since our start over 15 years ago, Office Furniture Direct services small, medium, and large businesses and helps us find and install our new and used office furniture. We service businesses in and around the Pacific Northwest and even beyond. No matter what you may need, chances are you can find high-quality new and affordable used items that will meet your needs and look great in any office set up.

Bulk rate discounts are offered at times and may apply on a case-by-case basis. There is no need to settle for less than the best, even if you need used furniture — it can look and feel just as good as new with Office Furniture Direct on your side!

Explore our online catalog and website to check out the wide selection of functional and comfortable new and used Portland office furniture that we have available. Whether you need one chair or a hundred chairs, we can help you out. Our expansive pre-owned inventory is massive as well as always changing so make sure you call us for the latest information on what is in stock and head over as soon as you can. Get the best in used conference tables and chairs and everything in between!

Tips to Save Money on Office Furniture

used conference tablesIf you have a small business or are just starting out, money may be tight. Any place you can cut expenses will help with your overall profits. One way to cut back is to consider ways to reduce expenses when buying office furniture. Here are some tips to help you save money.

Create a Plan

Before you start shopping for furniture, make a plan. Take measurements and decide exactly what kind and size of furniture will best fit your needs. This will keep you from making an impulsive purchase or buying more than you really need.

Shop Around

To save money, you need to be a bargain hunter. Don’t buy the first thing you see, even if it is on sale. There can be a big range on the prices between different stores, so do your homework.

Buy Used Items

You may be surprised to find out that you can buy used office furniture that is in good condition. Whether you are looking for used conference tables, desks, or chairs, it pays to consider getting gently used furniture.

Check Out Sales

Many times you can find deep discounts on office furniture from companies that are going out of business. Also look for end-of-season sales or clearance sales for extra stock or discontinued items.

Coupons and Rewards

Many businesses offer a rewards program for repeat customers. Always ask about those and also for a discount if you buy a large number of items. Check local ads in newspapers and magazines for coupons from office supply stores.

Consider Quality and Durability

Even though you may be tempted to buy the cheapest furniture you can find, that may not be the best choice in the long run. If the quality is not good, then you may spend more over time because you will have to replace the item sooner. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy furniture that will last a while rather than furniture that will break or show wear after limited use.

Benefits of an L-shaped Office Desk

L-shaped office desksWhen planning the configuration of an office, you want to choose office furniture that will enable employees to work effectively. There are many different types of office desks, enough to address any need you may have.  L-shaped office desks are one type that have many benefits.


Space should never be wasted in an office setting but employees also need enough room to get around and do their work. An L-shaped desk can help on both counts. One great consideration is the ability to be used in a corner, which is often wasted space in an office. Also, an L-shaped desk is very versatile, allowing for different placements in the office space. It can be left-sided or right-sided, allowing for even more flexibility.


If an employee only needed to work on a computer, a standard rectangular desk would suffice. Most employees need space for a computer and space for other items, like ledgers, book, papers, or invoices. L-shaped desks work great in an office that is a multi-purpose office. They also offer more storage space, which can be handy for the employee as well.

Increase Productivity

Having an extra surface on which to work will save time, since the employee doesn’t have to stand and go to another area to retrieve items needed for work. So the time the employee spends in moving around the office can be more productive time. Having everything they need close by will increase employees’ efficiency.

Advantages Over Rectangular Desks

A rectangular desk may have the same amount of work space as an L-shaped desk but it has its drawbacks. If it is large enough to hold everything an employee needs, it may be difficult for the employee to reach everything. An L-shaped desk has plenty of work space and holds everything within reach. L-shaped desks are superior to rectangular desks because they are more employee-friendly and save floor space in the office.

Office Desks of Highest Quality

L-shaped office furnitureIf you are looking for the best office desks for your employees without breaking the bank on these essential pieces of furniture, then you need to head over to Office Furniture Direct. We sell high-quality desks, tables, chairs, and workstations that provide plenty of great storage as well as good, open workflow.

Everything from L-shaped tables to conference tables and worker’s cubicles can be found here, both new and used. They come with many different options including locking storage drawers and handy organizational features.

L-shaped office furniture is among the most popular for cramped office areas along with U-shaped desks and tables. With so many options available for you to select from, finding the right piece of new or used office furniture will be no problem at all. Office Furniture Direct’s inventory contains many wonderful new and used desks, including but not limited to:

Computer Desks

The perfect basic desk for any and all modern workplaces, these computer desks are available in several different styles, prices, and colors.

L- and U-Shaped Desks

When your office space is not set up for traditional tables and desks, consider a new or used L-shaped or U-shaped desk to fit every need your workers have.

Standing Desks

While it is a new trend in the U.S., standing desks are becoming more and more popular and offer any great health benefits for employees.

Modular Workstations

Custom workstation combine a standard cubicle with a desk or table setup, reducing costs and making office layouts easier.

Office Suites

The vast inventory at Office Furniture Direct has many wonderful suites in several different styles so you can get everything you need all in one package.

Reception Desks

The reception area is the first things visitors and customers see when they come to your office so make a good impression with the best new and used desks available.

Come by Office Furniture Direct today and get everything you need for your office, from L-shaped office furniture to conference tables and work desks, both new and used! Stop by today or check out our online selection — you will be glad you did!

Create a Productive Office with Office Furniture Direct!

Office furniture direct  We all know how the office life can be – long hours, harsh lighting, uncomfortable and dysfunctional desk space. It is something that every office tries to avoid; however, many offices and business seem to fail at this. The reason for this being can be many things, budget, aesthetics, or not enough resources. At Office Furniture Direct, we are here to help smash the notion that offices are drab.

Most, if not all, businesses are based out of offices and while teamwork and being social has its benefits for productivity, the décor may play a part in the downgrade of productivity. That is why it is best to create the best possible space you can for higher productivity within the work space. There are various ways you can do this from choosing the right furniture, maybe standing desks instead of traditional desk, to making the best out of your small space with cubicles or multi-person desks. The possibilities are endless with office furniture; sometimes it is all about trial and error to see what works best for your environment and employees.

In addition to office furniture playing a roll, there should also be the consideration of décor influences. Factors such as light, color, and art work all help or decrease productivity. Designs with bright colors might work in a startup tech office however; those same colors might have a negative effect in an office where research and writing are involved. Before you decorate do your research on color theory to find the best option for you and your team!

Welcome To The Official Blog of Office Furniture Direct

Office Furniture Direct Welcome to the official blog of Office Furniture Direct! This is will be our market place for everything office furniture as well as any from new updates to products. Office Furniture Direct has been one of Portland’s favorite wholesale office furniture retailers and has served many of the companies in Portland. We are also proud sponsors of Portland Winterhawks and Portland Thunder.

We are located right in the heart of Willamette Park on Macadam Ave, however; if you cannot come to our office you can also browse our large collection of new and used office furniture online. We have a large collection of office furniture so you can find just the right piece for office or numerous pieces to complete your office.

Not only do we have desks – in various finishes and styles – we also have cubicles, chairs, and conference tables. You can complete your new office or spruce up your existing office with a great new look using our office furniture! We also offer used furniture and we have financing available so you can have the dream office of your choice!  Contact us today to learn more about a specific piece or with any question you have, we are here to help!