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Wholesale Office Furniture: Chairs

wholesale office furnitureEvery workplace is different and comes with a unique set of needs. Office Furniture Direct offers a range of wholesale office furniture that can meet all of your needs. Chairs are one of the most diverse and common type of office furniture and the following types are available in our showroom at prices that will not break your budget:

Computer Chairs

We have an almost endless selection of computer chairs in a number of sizes, styles, colors, and types so you are sure to find what you are looking for!

Stacking Chairs

Ensure everyone has a seat at those big corporate meetings or at the next corporate luncheon and when they are not being used these convenient chairs easily stack and store out of the way.

Reception Area Chairs

Make your guests feel welcomed and keep them comfortable in your lobby or waiting area with a selection of comfortable and affordable chairs.

Conference Chairs

Browse our diverse and ever-changing inventory and find the best office chair that will fit your needs and match your conference room’s decor.

Ergonomic Chairs

Keep your employees in good health and show them that you care about their well-being by updating your offices with some of our new ergonomic chairs — their backs will thank you!

Stand-Up Desk Chairs

Stand-up desks along with many other non-traditional approaches to office work spaces are gaining popularity around the nation and we are seeing more of these enter our showroom.

Executive Chairs

You are the executive and you need an impressive chair to match your impressive presence and attitude so get yours today for a fraction of what other places charge.

Armless Chair

If you are going for the contemporary look in your office, you will want to check out our section of new and used armless chairs.

Contact Office Furniture Direct for the updated detailed listing of our inventory and to get any questions you have about our wholesale office furniture answered today!

Organizing the Furniture in Your Office

 L-shaped office desksWhether you are just moving in to a new office space or you have been established in the same spot for years, there will come a time you need to reorganize and rearrange your furniture.

Sometimes the easiest way to make a workspace flow better or to breathe new life into the office is to move things around. Whether you are looking at moving file cabinets or L-shaped office desks, here are some tips to help you get things organized:

Use a Tape Measure

Make note of the height, length, and depth of all the different furniture pieces you will be moving around. Measure the area you are moving them into and make special note of where windows, doors, wall structures, electrical outlets, light fixtures, and other elements are. Then, check the dimensions of areas leading to and from the room including hallway corners and the doors.

Mix Various Sizes

One of the best tips for creating a new look to a room is to mix up the sizes of the furniture pieces in a room. To add visual interest there needs to be a variety of textures, looks, styles, and characteristics. For the office space this is not as necessary, but it can still be done by having one large L-shaped desk in the room and several smaller tables and chairs for additional work space set up.

Create Balance

There are two forms of balance: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical means the room is mirrored and equal in the number, size, and shape from one side of the room to the other. For example, matching vases on either side of the mantle.

Asymmetry is an imbalance in terms of size or number of items or furniture pieces but can still have a feeling of balance. For example one large art piece on the office wall on one side of the room and three smaller pieces hanging on the opposite wall.

These are just three simple ways to organize furniture in your home or office space. No matter what you have to work with you can implement these ideas into your layout and use anything from cubicles to L-shaped office desks to create something new and unique and piratical for your needs.